The Carby Family - Documentary Family Photography

December 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

Documentary photography is undirected, unposed, real-life moments. The laughs, the messes, the snuggles, the fits, the everyday stuff. Not everyday is picture-perfect.. in fact, rarely is anything picture-perfect when kids are involved, am I right? :) So that's what documentary family photography is. To me, it is capturing the magic in everyday moments.  Of course I love photographing subjects in a portrait session- coordinated outfits, hair clean and brushed, everyone smiling, but in my opinion- there is something missing when it comes to documenting the real stuff. I truly believe we NEED to make this a priority. To pass down to your kids, to show them a snippet of what life was like when they were little. To show them you were there and that you loved them and laughed with them. To remember and document how your daughter twirls her hair, or how your dog always seemed to sit at the kids feet at dinner, or how your baby motioned for you to pick them up. That is what this style is all about.

I spent an afternoon/evening recently with the Carby Family for a family documentary session. I love this family so much already, that I looked forward to this for weeks. Thank you again Carbys for letting me into your home to document you and your precious children. Below is a slideshow of some of my favorites from our time together.

Katie Tillman Photography will be available to document your family starting in January 2017.

Contact me for more details on booking your own family documentary session.


Marian S.(non-registered)
Katie, I absolutely love the direction you're going! These documentaries will be such sweet, sweet memories.
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