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November 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Haircuts. Regular occurrences in most people's lives, right? So, I bring my camera occasionally when my kids get haircuts. And the times I bring it, it ALWAYS pays off. Well, most of the time. There have been times when it stayed in my bag, like the time that there were more tears falling than hair on the floor. What's so scary about a first haircut? Giant scissors coming at a tiny wiggly person sitting in a chair that is five times too large on a giant black rectangle booster.... that's normal, right? Not to little ones. But by the time kids get out of diapers, at least my kids, all they want to know is what treat do they get afterwards. After they attempt sitting still watching an iPad with their favorite movie on it, sneaking glances in the mirror of themselves and the lady behind them with that serious look on her face, and with their mouth closed so as to not eat flying hair. Candy, treat, anything you want, just BE STILL. Any moms with me? 


Here are a few photos of my kiddos getting their summer cut back in May when school let out. (Yeah I'm super behind on blogging.) 


Thanks to my sweet friend and stylist, Meghan at C'est Jolie Salon in Natchez, MS for always being patient with my littles! 


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