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A New Venture | My First Video Project

May 15, 2017  •  3 Comments

Photographs freeze a moment in time. I love still photos and always will. But what if you want to feel what those moments were like years from now? See the connections in action, the relationships, the small details, hear the sweet voices of your children talking and laughing, all those special little things that you never want to forget the sound of or the feelings you felt in that moment. I am so excited to be learning to shoot video using my DSLR camera! (This is the camera I also take your photos with)! I have been filming everyday moments with my family over the past few weeks. 

Below is my first project. Please let me know what you think in the comments below! 




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Sarah Chavez(non-registered)
KATIE!! That was so wonderful!! What a treasure for your family
Mitzi Warstler(non-registered)
I love it, Katie! Beautiful!
Ann Tillman(non-registered)
This is the most awesome thing I have watched in a while!! Like your mom, I cried through it!! What a wonderful idea, and a super job of photographing, and editing, and putting it all together!!! Soooo proud of you!!
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