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"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

- Dorothea Lange


Hi! So glad you're here! A few facts about me...

4 - the number of cities I've lived in along the Mississippi River

8 - the number that my toddler is currently obsessed with (yes, really)

5 - the number of cameras I currently own

3 - the number of children I have

126,756,892 - the number of images I have captured of my three children (totally kidding. well maybe.)

I love rainy days. I love sunsets. I love Jesus.

I love flowers and gardening. I love crawfish and chocolate.

Macro photography is a fun hobby of mine that I don't indulge in often enough.



Tidbit: Katie was featured in Natchez the Magazine in Summer 2017. The 5-page article was focused on Katie's 365 project, which involved shooting her family everyday using a documentary approach. This means no poses, no forced smiles, no direction at all given by Katie. Just real life, laughs, and of course tantrums. This project has inspired Katie Tillman Photography with the addition of offering Storytelling Sessions. 


Katie lives with her husband and three children in Natchez, Mississippi. 

Katie spends most of her time photographing families in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama,

 but is also available for travel anywhere in the United States.



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